Painted Tiger and T-34/76

We have just received our fully painted Tiger and T-34, both painted by our friend Antoine at Le Zonion. We purposely had both of those models painted without smoothing or any other post-processing. We did that because we believe it would be the best way to show what 3D printed models really look like. Of course, that also means that with post-processing your models can only look even more beautiful than what you see here.

Note that lighting trend exaggerate layers and tool paths, even so  the results are nevertheless very impressive.

Tiger I

In term of 3D Printable models the design of the Tiger Ausf. E is as good as it gets, with next to no stepping nor lamination on all of the exterior faces. The very few defects can all be fixed with some green stuff in a matter of minutes. Of course, nothing is perfects, after having the model painted, we have identified a few improvement that we will implement in our the next updates.

Tracks: More details could be added to the tracks elements, improving historical fidelity while keeping it just as easy to print as before.

Hatch: Hatch of the Tiger Ausf. H was used by mistake. We plan so that the next version gives the option to swap to that of an Tiger Ausf. E.

Vents: The shape of the radiator are not fully historically accurate. However, fixing this while keeping the part easy to print could be tricky, but we already have a few idea in our mind.


The T-34/76 probably had the simplest design of all of the models we have, which align to our philosophy of the “best surface texture with the minimum amounts of parts”. Great texture, easy to print, the stable of a great 3d printable miniature. The only issue some may find with is model would be the upper front glacis, which was printed as a 60 deg slope rather than an separate plate. This was done for the ease of print, but mostly for historical accuracy of a welded front plate; a trade off.  Print at 0.1 layers at 60 Deg gives an acceptable texture, but it is still far from perfect. Application of some green stuff could be a solution, but there are probably other ways around it.


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