GAZ AA Assembly Kit

CAD$ 18.00 CAD$ 14.50


This model is currently available for Pre-order. The model was unlocked during our Kickstarter and is estimated to become available before July 2018.

Pre-order now and get the following :

  • Pre-order discount: A discount for those who pre-ordered the model. The discount will no longer be available once the model is released.
  • Exclusive Beta access: We test many beta versions before releasing the official Version 01. Get your hand on those files before the official release. Beta files won’t become available again.


The Model

Assembly Kit for the GAZ AA truck

General Features

  • Support Free: The final design should be support free
  • Assembly kit: The model is designed so that every visible face has a great finish right out of the printer.
  • No Gradient lines: the model is optimized to avoid gradient lines on all visible face once assembled.
  • Files Scale: 28mm-1/56


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