Gleam Oculi (11×6 Variants)

CAD$ 6.00



Unit Description

Gleam Oculi

A small floating eye-like machine, the Gleam Oculus is one of the most common units in the Hordes of Light. Cheap and expendable, Gleam Oculi are often encountered in squadrons, relying on numbers to overwhelm more powerful foes.

Like most units in the Hordes of Light, the Gleam Oculi are armed with a Lux weapon built within their eye. All Lux weapons have at least two main modes of fire: a rapid fire or a single concentrated beam. In case of the Lux Oculi, it can also concentrate all its energy into a high-powered beam that can damage even hardened foes, though the process will also destroy the Oculus itself.


Version 02:

  • Support free!

General 3D Printing Recommendation

  • Layers thickness: 0.1mm will give a print quality similar to  injection molding. 0.15mm layers will still give a decent looking model.
  • Support options: Important! Choose options on your printer that allow the easiest support removal. Options varies from printers to printer, and depends on material: Choose the best one for your printer, use smaller parts as test
  • Soluble Support: Not needed. Single extruder printer will suffic
  • Heated bed and enclosure are strongly recommended for good part quality if printing with ABS.
  • Glass bed and raft recommended for consistent quality
  • Current version of the files may differ slightly from the pictures.


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