Lux Oculi (5×4 Variants)

CAD$ 6.00



Unit Description

Lux Oculi

Unlike the smaller Gleam Oculi that rely on numbers, each Lux Oculus is a powerful unit in its own right. Hovering on the battlefield, its eye mounted Lux weapon is a bane for infantry and light vehicle alike. Capable of decimating numbers of lesser units when in rapid-fire or change up a powerful beam to deal with more heavily armed foes. For protection, the Lux Oculi are well armored on top protected by a Shield of Light.


Version 02 (Upcoming):

  • Support free!

General 3D Printing Recommendation

  • Layers thickness: 0.1mm will give a print quality similar to¬† injection molding. 0.15mm layers will still give a decent looking model.
  • Support options: Important! Choose options on your printer that allow the easiest support removal. Options varies from printers to printer, and depends on material: Choose the best one for your printer, use smaller parts as test
  • Soluble Support: Not needed. Single extruder printer will suffic
  • Heated bed and enclosure are strongly recommended for good part quality if printing with ABS.
  • Glass bed and raft recommended for consistent quality
  • Current version of the files may differ slightly from the pictures.


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