Lux Sentinel (12 joints!)




Unit Description

Lux Sentinel

The infamous 3 legged walker of the Army of Light. With a eye mounted Lux weapon capable of tackling almost any units, and a hybrid levitation/walking locomotion system that allow it to move on any terrain with ease; the Lux Sentinel had been a bane of Elysian troops since the First War of Light. Though no match for a main battle tank on the open, a Lux Sentinel can quickly become a dire treats to lighter units when encountered on rugged terrain or urban combat, and should be dealt with a soon as possible.

Moving Parts: 12 articulations!

  • Body:
    • Eye
    • Head
    • Shield ring
  • 3 Legs
    • 3 joints.


Version 03 (Upcoming):

  • Much more improved version.
  • Improved Leg joints: joints will be made stronger and easier to attach.
  • Improved printer proofing:  Less area needing supports, making the printing process easier for low end 3D printers.
  • Tolerance proofing: Every printer print with different tolerance; ribs are added at connections for easy tolerance adjustments.

Version 02:

  • Loose fit, tolerance optimized for low end 3D Printer such the Anet.
  • Connection may be loose for high end printers: Create small bulges using a woodburner pen to create a better fit, or simply Glue the parts together.
  • Updates still under review.

Version 02:

  • Tighter fit at the joints and connectors
  • Additional details added at the legs and the base.

General 3D Printing Recommendation

  • Printer Type: FDM
  • Layers thickness: 0.1mm will give a print quality similar to  injection molding. 0.15mm layers will still give a decent looking model.
  • Support options: Important! Choose options on your printer that allow the easiest support removal. Options varies from printers to printer, and depends on material: Choose the best one for your printer, use smaller parts as test
  • Soluble Support: Not needed. Single extruder printer will suffice.
  • Fitting: The fits between parts may me looser or tighter depending on the printer.
  • Too tight: Sand or trim the connectors
  • Too Loose: Create small bulges using a woodburner pen to create a better fit, or simply Glue the parts together.
  • Heated bed and enclosure are strongly recommended for good part quality if printing with ABS.
  • Glass bed with slurry recommended for consistent quality
  • Current version of the files may differ slightly from the pictures.


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