Pillar MBT

CAD$ 80.00


A 3DWargaming Original Sci-Fi Main Battle Tank


General Features

  • Near Support Free: Except for the back of the turret and the ring on the back of the hull, no support will be need to print this model.
  • Assembly kit: The model is designed so that every visible face has a great finish right out of the printer.
  • No Gradient lines: the model is optimized to avoid gradient lines on all visible face once assembled.
  • Approx size: 191mm x 67mm x 61mm


  • 11 parts assembly.
  • Turret connector compatible with all 3DWargaming vehicles.
  • Only the rear of the turret requires support.


  • 16 parts assembly
  • The ring on the rear of the hull require support.
  • Turret Ring compatible with all 3DWargaming Turrets


  • 2 part assembly
  • Support Free
  • Fixture provided to help assembly.


  • Support Free


  • Hull: Ring on the back of the Hull
  • Turret: Back of the Turret only
  • Tracks: None

Layer height: 0.1mm or 0.2mm not important.



Version 03(Current):

  • Tracks are now support free
  • Turret key changed

Version 02:

  • Much more improved version.
  • Improved printer proofing:  Less area needing supports, making the printing process easier for low end 3D printers.
  • Tolerance proofing: Every printer print with different tolerance; ribs are added at connections for easy tolerance adjustments.



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