Pillar MBT

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Unit Description

Pillar MBT

One of the oldest tanks used by the Elysians and a true pillar of their armed forces, the Pillar has served the Elysians from the War of Worms to the War of Light. A proven design, the Pillar’s chassis had been configured to play many roles on the battlefield. As tank, the most well-known configurations of the Pillar are Main Battle Tank, Assault Tank and Tank Destroyer.

The first and most common variant of the Pillar, the Pillar MBT, is the most powerful main battle tank of the game, holding a definitive edge over its analogue in other factions. The Pillar MBT’s main gun can easily deal with most armored vehicles and is versatile enough to be a treat to infantries as well. The Pillar MBT is a versatile tool effective against all but the most powerful foes.


Version 02(Current):

  • Much more improved version.
  • Improved printer proofing:  Less area needing supports, making the printing process easier for low end 3D printers.
  • Tolerance proofing: Every printer print with different tolerance; ribs are added at connections for easy tolerance adjustments.

Moving Parts:

  • Turret
  • Main Gun
  • Hatch Gun

General 3D Printing Recommendation

  • Layers thickness: 0.1mm will give a print quality similar to  injection molding. 0.15mm layers will still give a decent looking model.
  • Support options: Important! Choose options on your printer that allow the easiest support removal. Options varies from printers to printer, and depends on material: Choose the best one for your printer, use smaller parts as test
  • Soluble Support: Not needed. Single extruder printer will suffic
  • Heated bed and enclosure are strongly recommended for good part quality if printing with ABS.
  • Glass bed and raft recommended for consistent quality
  • Current version of the files may differ slightly from the pictures.


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