T-34/76 Assembly Kit

CAD$ 80.00


STL file for the T-34/76 assembly kit.

  • Near Support Free
  • Assembly kit: The model is designed so that every visible face has a great finish right out of the printer.
  • No Gradient lines: the model is optimized to avoid gradient lines on all visible face once assembled.
  • Files Scale: 28mm-1/56


  • Hull: None
  • Turret: Back of the Turret only
  • Tracks: None

File Scale: 1/56


Version 05:

  • Hull redesigned, improved front plate surface finish, support-free printing.
  • Minor dimensional adjustment
  • No longer compatible with older versions.

Version 04:

  • Tracks are now support free.
  • Standardized turret.

Version 03:

  • Improved printer proofing:  Less area needing supports, making the printing process easier for low end 3D printers.
  • Tolerance proofing: Every printer print with different tolerance; ribs are added at connections for easy tolerance adjustments.

Note: The files does not include the fuel barrel and ammo box.